Goals, April 2015

April was an active month. I ran my second half marathon of the year early in the month, and set a second personal best this year. I also rode my bike a decent amount. Mostly 20 mile rides with a couple shorter loops of the lake, along with one 45 mile ride.

We got into RAGBRAI so I’ll have to step up the riding distance to be ready for 7 days on the bike. But that will be fun. I’m hoping we get more sun than we’ve had recently so I can have fewer worries about long rides on dirt and gravel.

Not much progress

I lost no weight in April. I was mostly good day to day, but very up and down. Bad days definitely offset the good. I’m wondering if I should make some changes, maybe stop using exercise to let me eat more. May will be a challenge, too. I’ll be traveling quite a lot which means less cycling and more restaurants. Both are bad for my progress.

Not much to do but keep trying though.

Activity 2015 Goal April To Date Progress
Running 1,000 miles 78 miles 347 miles 35%
Cycling 1,500 miles 129 miles 458 miles 31%
Weight Loss 20 pounds 0 pounds 6 pounds 30%

— Steve

Posted on 01 May 2015