The Year is Ending, But Not Winding Down

I feel overwhelmed. I look at my list of tasks to get done in the week I have before I leave for a two-day workshop and then a long Christmas break, and they seem doable. At least on paper. But every day I feel like the list gets a little longer while I get less done than I hoped.

I’ve been thinking about this, and the best I can figure is that I’m switching priorities and tasks so often, with such short turnarounds, that I’m completely exhausted mentally. I can’t focus, so even though I should be able to write this wind turbine review in 2–3 hours I work on it all day and it’s half done. I’m in a constant state of near-panic.

And I desperately need to delegate. I have smart people working with me who would love to help, but I feel like time is so short and I’m in so deep that there’s nothing for it but to get it done myself.

Growth areas: trust, delegation, coordination, communication.

I need time off, badly. I have to start saying “no”.

It’s not the end of the world, but I want the end of the year.

But on the fun side of things, I got a beer swap started with a friend who also brews. I gave him a four pack, with two of my red ales and two ESBs1. I hope he enjoys them.

After several more weeks in the bottles the red ale has mellowed out quite a bit and is pleasantly drinkable, if unremarkable. I left the ESB in the fermenter quite a bit longer and consequently it has a much smoother flavor, with a nice hop nose from the finishing hops and lots and lots of bitterness. I’m not an expert on the style but I really enjoy the taste. I did screw up the OG2 (too much liquid) so it is below target at only 4.5% abv, but I’m OK with it.

I’m thinking about how I might get a few bottles home for Christmas in a checked bag. I’ve done this before, and it’s just a question of careful packing, but there are limits. I almost wish I was driving so I could take a lot more and give it to friends, and then bring back all the beer I can’t buy in Colorado. But 12 hours alone in a car in December is not a great idea. Especially when you have to drive through Omaha.

I’ve started Christmas shopping, and I think I may end up with a combination of gifts purchased ahead of time and gifts purchased after I get to Iowa, since I have about 6 days between when I arrive and Christmas Eve (our traditional family gift exchange night).

I should probably get my brother something extra special, since I missed his graduation and he’s about to start a new job.

— Steve

  1. Extra Special Bitter 

  2. Original Gravity, a measure of the beer’s specific gravity before fermentation. With this and a measure of specific gravity at bottling the alcohol content can be estimated. 

Posted on 07 December 2011