A Warm and Windy Saturday

Today was one of the warmest days of spring so far. I woke up early, with an orange sun shining in my eyes, but I wasn’t really awake. Eventually though I started to function, and made a good beginning on the holiday weekend.

The morning included two significant brewing activities. First, I made a yeast starter so that tomorrow I can start the rye ale I’ve been waiting to brew. After that, I bottled the Belgian ale I brewed back in March. All told, this took a few hours, and I watched Total Recall and then The Sixth Day after it. A morning of Arnold sci-fi made sense to me. There were no real snags in either process, and now I have two cases of an about 8.5% abv beer bottled and starting to carbonate. They should be ready about the time we have our housewarming shindig at Andy’s place.

Belgian ale

Because I was up so early, and because I was kind of in a lazy state, I ended up taking a nap in the mid afternoon. Somehow that didn’t sit right with me though, and when I woke up I was feeling antsy. I didn’t want to feel like the day was wasted, no matter how productive. A nap and then staying home the rest of the afternoon would make it feel that way.

So even though it was warm, and even though there was a high wind advisory, I pumped up the tires of my trusty (and wonderfully rebuilt) Trek bicycle and went for a ride. I had a goal of about 20 miles and I made it to around 22 despite the high winds and running out of water a mile from home. It was actually a really good ride, and just what I needed.

Now I’m sitting in the patio having a homebrew and typing up this summary of my day. Soon I’ll make burgers and have another beer. A successful start to a long weekend!

— Steve

Posted on 26 May 2012