A Snow Day Walk


The plows were out in force trying to make the roads safe for travelers.

Road Closed

Though they did not even try to clear the dam.

The Dam Road

A rare opportunity for the skier or pedestrian to follow the Dam Road, normally reserved for cars.

The Dam

The dam was too long for a man on foot in knee high snow, so I stopped here before turning around.

Weak Sun

The pale disc of the sun tried to shine through the clouds, but it would be a few hours before it could break through.

Signs of Life

Though deep, the snow couldn’t bury everything in white.


Taller grass shone through.


A brief bit of sun cast shadows in the untouched landscape.

Plant and Shadow

No one and nothing else had seen this scene before. I was the first.


Though the storm was ending, it was not finished.


The sun came out after breakfast, with a reminder that this white wonderland will not last. Not under the warm sun of Denver.

— Steve