Unsure, Unknown, Uncertain

Unsure, Unknown, Uncertain

This one starts with tracks I know well, and proceeds down the line to tracks I am less and less familiar with.

Theming isn’t super string, but there’s a certain lonely but with friends feel I’m going for on this one, which informed my choice of artwork for the mix. Title is a reference to creating the mix itself.

Developed for minidisc.

Track Listing

  1. June Evenings - Air France
  2. Unrecorded - M83
  3. Ruthless Gravity - Craig Armstrong
  4. Mourning Sound - Grizzly Bear
  5. In a Spiral - Phantogram
  6. No Dice - realpeople
  7. Remember Me? - Saltillo
  8. Sunlight - Kyte
  9. Egowerk - The Faint
  10. Stonefist - HEALTH
  11. Femen - Crystal Castles
  12. Guard & Prisoner - Jaws of Love
  13. Legions (War) - Zoe Keating
  14. Toneloop - The Octopus Project