Years ago I abandoned an old iTunes library and I built a new music library that I decided would only have full albums and releases on it. No random singles, no bootlegs, and nothing I couldn’t identify. Most of my music was already like this and moved over smoothly. I had a few partial albums that I went out and completed, and some singles that I liked enough to get the full album for the new library. The rest I left there, abandoned.

I never deleted that old iTunes library. It’s sat there, saved, copied to new machines when needed, but never opened. And there are still dozens of tracks left behind in that folder. The orphans of the title.

I built this mix out of some of the best music I found there. Almost all of this I got from friends sometime in the 2000s. Before making this mix I hadn’t listened to any of these in a long, long time.

Developed for minidisc.

Track Listing

  1. On Being Blue - Art of Noise
  2. Quiet Then - Cloak
  3. Song for Holly - Esthero & Danny Saber
  4. The King is Dead - Kent
  5. As the Rush Comes - Motorcycle
  6. Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth With Money in My Hand - Primitive Radio Gods
  7. One Million Miles Away - J. Ralph
  8. Glenz - Jimmy Redfern
  9. Truly - Delerium
  10. Post-Modern Sleaze - Sneaker Pimps
  11. Cells - The Servant
  12. Fable (dream version) - Robert Miles
  13. Illuminate - Orbital
  14. Take a Picture - Filter