If My Calculations Are Correct…

If my calculations are correct

Synthwave with various movie bits in between. 80’s style in a style that never actually existed in the 80s. Purple and red and neon. Cover art is a ridiculous AI generated scene in purple and orange.

Developed for minidisc.

Track Listing

  1. You’re Gonna See Some Serious Shit (Back to the Future excerpt, mixed transition into track 2)
  2. Protovision - Kavinsky
  3. Robeast - Dance With the Dead
  4. Overdrive - Lazerhawk
  5. Nightdrive - VHS Dreams
  6. Sarah - Le Matos
  7. Hi-Lights - Savlonic
  8. Hacking Time (Kung Fury excerpt, mixed transition into track 11)
  9. In the Face of Evil - Magic Sword
  10. A Race Against Time - PYLOT
  11. The Runaways - The Outrunners
  12. Departure - Betamaxx
  13. End of the Night - Robert Parker
  14. Nuclear - Lost Years
  15. Genesis - NightCrawler
  16. The WOPR (WarGames exerpt, mixed transition into track 18)
  17. Hollywood Riding - Fury Weekend
  18. Driving Through the Night to You - W O L F C L U B