Maybe Spring is Coming

I spent most of last week in Michigan, doing some siting of wind turbines for a relatively large project that is developing quickly. We were fortunate and had excellent weather (but soggy unmaintained roads) when we were there.

When we left the state a couple of days later though, it was cold and snow flurries were in the air. That was all cared for in a joyful arrival in Denver to a sunny day in the upper 50s, and a weekend that hit the 60s at times.

I think maybe my wish for spring is coming true.

I took advantage of this turn toward spring, and put in a fast walk yesterday and a slower, longer one today. I also took a short ride around the lake on my fixed gear on Saturday afternoon.

Saturday Bike Ride

Sunday Morning Walk

Combine the lovely weather and the time outside with the annual temporal lie that is Daylight Saving Time and I’m feeling pretty good.

— Steve

Posted on 11 March 2012