I’m Being Lazy

This bicycle tune-up thing is showing how I can get stuck and be a bit lazy.

I now have all the parts I need to rebuild the bike. This includes a new bottom bracket, new chain, new brake pads, new brake and shifter cables, and new tires. I’ve cleaned up most of the frame, including old grease, and I’ve sealed up some of the chips in the paint. I have to finish cleaning and regreasing the rear derailer but after that it’s fully ready to reassemble. I’m just not getting it done.

It probably doesn’t matter all that much, since I don’t really have time to ride during the week right now, and with the coming winter storm I don’t expect to be riding this weekend either. I’ll try to spend Saturday getting everything put back together. I’m just annoyed with myself that I’d rather sit down and read a book or watch TV than finish rebuilding my bike.

— Steve

Posted on 02 February 2012