Goal update, November 2014

It’s getting colder, and so it’s getting harder to lose weight. I tend to want to hibernate and eat when it gets cold. But I still made progress; I’m down 2 pounds and feeling pretty good.

We had some very cold weather and the first snow of the year, but I kept running. Then it warmed back up and I got some good chances to be outside. Last weekend was especially nice and more than half of my cycling miles were in the last four days of the month.

I started thinking about my goals for 2015. Should I focus on distance again, and simply up the numbers? Or should I make goals to run a certain number of races, or set specific times? I’ll think a while on it. A hard but achievable goal to run a 50 minute 10k might be a good place to start. Maybe a 2 hour half marathon. I guess I’ll decide in the next month.

Activity 2014 Goal November To Date Progress
Running 600 miles 96 miles 910 miles 152%
Cycling 1,000 miles 138 miles 1,279 miles 128%
Weight Loss 40 pounds 2 pounds 27 pounds 67%

— Steve

Posted on 01 December 2014