Goal update, June 2014

April and May weren’t great months, but I started getting back on track in June. Between stress and travel I’m not doing a great job of tracking what I eat and drink, but I’m staying active and that helps a lot.

I spent more time on my bike this month, and plan to keep that up in July. The weather has been great most weekends, as long as I’m on the trail before noon. Afternoons bring thunderstorms this time of year, but the mornings almost always start out clear and bright. And I finally have more cycling miles than running miles. It’s been backwards since February.

I haven’t lost much weight, but I’m going back down at least. Maybe I can hit 200 pounds by my sister’s wedding, only six weeks away. And Midnight Madness is only a week and a half away. I’d like to take another one or two minutes off my Boulder Boulder time and get down under a 9 minute mile. But if it is hot and humid I might go slower. I did a long run near Kansas City over the weekend and the heat sapped a lot of my speed.

Activity 2014 Goal June To Date Progress
Running 600 miles 85 miles 446 miles 74%
Cycling 1,000 miles 168 miles 456 miles 46%
Weight Loss 40 pounds 1 pound 11 pounds 28%

I guess we’ll see how July goes.

— Steve

Posted on 01 July 2014