Goal update, July 2014

Another month has passed, so here’s another summary of how I’m doing on my goals. I wrote last month that I started getting back on track in June; I cycled and ran a lot, and turned my rough spring from minor weight gain back to minor weight loss. If June was solid then July was the month when I began feeling confident again. I kept my goals in sight through July, and everything is moving the right direction.

I set a new personal record for running this month. My first month ever over 100 miles. But I didn’t bike as much as I wanted to. My Trek suffered catastrophic derailer failure 10 miles from home on the Fourth of July. This destroyed the derailer, broke or damaged every spoke on the right side of the rear wheel, dinged up the hub, and bent the derailer hanger. The poor bike is unrideable. I got the hangar straightened out and picked up a new derailer, but I still need to rebuild the rear wheel before I can ride it again. I have been riding my single speed—sometimes fixed gear—Schwinn and I borrowed my dad’s bike for a ride around Ames, but to be honest the breakdown hurt my enthusiasm and I didn’t do many long rides this month.

I improved my weight, activity, and food tracking setup with the help of recent integration between myfitnesspal and Garmin Connect. Now myfitnesspal is acting as the bridge between the different online systems I use, glueing them all together—a little haphazardly—into one almost automated system as outlined below:

Activity 2014 Goal July To Date Progress
Running 600 miles 104 miles 549 miles 92%
Cycling 1,000 miles 85 miles 541 miles 54%
Weight Loss 40 pounds 2 pounds 13 pounds 33%

— Steve

Posted on 31 July 2014