Goal update, January 2014

I wrote about my goals for 2014 earlier this month. January is over now so I’m posting an update on my progress.

We had fantastic weather on several weekends this month. I was able to take advantage of this and get a good start on 2014’s cycling goal. Running was less weather dependent since I am committed to my training plan.

Even if it is raining or snowing I’ll still go running. Last night I ran 3 miles through both. And if the trails aren’t safe I’m resigned to heading to the gym and using a treadmill to stay on track.

Weight loss is the hardest goal, but I’ve been mostly good about tracking what I eat and the trend is moving in the right direction.


Activity 2014 Goal January Progress
Running 600 miles 46 miles 8%
Cycling 1,000 miles 82 miles 8%
Weight Loss 40 pounds 3 pounds 8%

Not bad for a cold month. I expect a lot of running miles in February, and with any luck enough nice days to keep the cycling number going up.

— Steve

Posted on 31 January 2014