Goal update, February 2014

Following on from last month’s update, here’s an overview of my progress in February.

The weather was decent this month, but I had fewer weekend opportunities for cycling. I only rode 35 miles — 14 of those commuting — and I’ll have to ride more to make up for that. My bike is all set up for commuting and I just started riding to work again. Fenders are a good thing this time of year. If I continue to commute by bike the miles will add up quickly; it’s about 7 miles round trip for any day I ride.

Because I’m training for a half marathon in a few weeks I couldn’t let weather stop me from running. I’ve put on a huge number of miles this month, all according to the plan. The race is in 3 weeks, and 13.1 miles will be hard for me even with the training. I’m looking forward to backing the weekly miles down after this date and settling into more of a routine.

I’ve been very slow on weight loss. I don’t have anything to blame really, other than my own diligence. I just have to keep working at it. I know it looks steady in the table but the real progress has been rough and halting.


Activity 2014 Goal February To Date Progress
Running 600 miles 80 miles 126 miles 21%
Cycling 1,000 miles 35 miles 117 miles 12%
Weight Loss 40 pounds 3 pounds 6 pounds 15%

Thoughts (worries)

I’ve made a real lifestyle change. I’m running regularly, often, and for long distances. I am much fitter than I have been in years. A 5 or 6 mile run doesn’t intimidate me at all. I just go for it. The 13.1 miles of a half marathon is going to be an incredible challenge, but it isn’t impossible. Even a year ago it would have seemed so.

But even with this obvious progress, I don’t always feel as strong as I think I should. My long runs are at a fairly slow pace. Shouldn’t I be faster? I am losing weight, and my clothes fit better. I still feel huge. Running doesn’t feel easy or joyful, except for brief odd moments. Mostly I feel like I’m plodding along.

Motivation is hard. Seeing progress is hard, even with data. All the metrics in the world can’t get over the perception of progress. And I’m scared about this upcoming race: scared that I bit off more than I can chew. 10 miles is hard. How can I do 13? I don’t know. I just hope that the training will prepare me.

I’m going to stick with the plan, and keep checking in. I appreciate any support.

— Steve

Posted on 28 February 2014