Goal update, April 2014

April was not a great month. I left Denver for Michigan on April 7 and have been on the road since. That means a lot of restaurant meals, poor tracking of what I eat, and no cycling at all. I didn’t have access to a scale for most of the month, and when I did the picture wasn’t pretty.

The only thing I really did right this month was stick to my running plan. And on that I am happy to report that I am making noticeable progress in both speed and endurance. I do wonder if I’m going faster partly because there’s more air to breathe down here in the Midwest.

I’ll find out soon. The Bolder Boulder 10k race is in under four weeks, and I plan to blow my last 10k time away. Definitely under 60 minutes, where my first was just under 65. Ideally I’ll be able to finish around 55.

Otherwise, it looks like I’m on pace for closer to 900 miles running if I keep going at this rate. I still think I can make the bike numbers once I get back in the saddle, but I have serious catching up to do.


Activity 2014 Goal April To Date Progress
Running 600 miles 85 miles 300 miles 50%
Cycling 1,000 miles 0 miles 201 miles 20%
Weight Loss 40 pounds 1 pounds 12 pounds 30%

— Steve

Posted on 30 April 2014