Feels Like Spring

We’re a few days into spring now, and it really and truly feels like spring already. It seems like we went from almost winter to full on warm weather in only a week. I’m certainly not complaining though. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this weather.

It almost feels like coming out of hibernation.

I went out for a walk this morning in only a T-shirt1; the first time this year. It was still cool but with the sun shining on me it felt warm. That particular solar gift is one of my favorite things about living in Denver. After getting breakfast and groceries and doing some reading on the patio I went back out again on my fixed gear bike for a medium length bike ride. It was actually warm by then.

I didn’t do anything fancy, just headed up the path towards the city. I turned around at Cherry Creek Mall, making for a total ride of about 22 miles. There were lots and lots of people out today. Many more than previous weekends. It’s great when people start getting outside.

After my ride I had a beer and fired up the grill for a burger. One nice reward for such an active, outdoors day is that I can burn enough calories to actually allow myself a big, wonderful burger without causing trouble with my weight loss plan.

On that topic, things seem to be going fairly well. Of course they aren’t going as perfectly smoothly as I could hope, but that is almost entirely a result of me being human, not a robot. I can’t always avoid temptation, and I can’t always say no. I spent two or three weeks stuck at around 228 before that number started inching its way back down over the past 2 days2.

But the general trend has been almost entirely downwards since January, and I already notice a big difference in how I look and feel compared to where I was even a month or two ago. I’m still pretty overweight but a shirt I couldn’t wear in mid January now fits me well, and I’ve taken another notch in on my belt. I remember how all this felt back in 2008 when I did it before, and it is pretty much the same. The feeling is absolutely great when you can stick with your plan and the weight starts coming off.

I think my biggest challenge will be pushing past that 200 mark. Last time I got there the weight loss seemed to really slow down and everything seemed to get harder. I looked and felt great but I couldn’t get those last 20 pounds out of the way to reach my goal of 180. This time I have to keep pushing with the diet long past that 200 mark. I might have to adjust my calorie intake way down again just to keep it going. It’s really hard to say.

Also difficult will be maintaining the loss. The last time I got down below 200 I stopped actively tracking what I ate and did and made the foolish assumption that I “got it” now and could manage myself without tracking. Maybe I will get there someday, but the slow 2 year climb back up above 230 showed how wrong I was about that.

I may be stuck with tracking what I eat and how active I am for a long time. That’s a price I’m willing to pay if I can be fit and healthy though.

— Steve

  1. Yes I had pants on. Stop being so literal. I was wearing this lovely pixel art Iowa shirt from United Pixelworkers along with a pair of Levi’s jeans. And shoes, even. 

  2. If you have any interest in following my fitness and weight loss progress, I recommend following my specialty Fit Steve twitter feed

Posted on 24 March 2012