Drinking my first all-grain batch, and preparing for the next1

My pale ale turned out pretty good. I wish it was slightly hoppier and I think the ESB was better (seriously I love how that one turned out, awesome beer) but it tastes good and is nice and pale and clear. I’d call it a pretty solid success, especially for my first all-grain batch in a cooler mash system I had just built.

I think I’m going to brew this rye ale I have the ingredients for this week. It should be ready about a week after I bottle the Belgian ale, and then I’ll have 3 beers to choose from in storage (pale ale, rye ale, Belgian ale), and probably ready to drink by June 30. I may need more bottles though. I definitely have enough for the Belgian ale but probably not enough for three full/near full batches.

It’s OK though, I can just go back to the liquor store and buy some more of these great German hefeweizens that just happen to come in sturdy brown swing-top bottles with easily removable labels. $4 each, empty bottles alone are about $2.50 from a supplier, and the 500 mL beers are easily worth $1.50. The Germans are probably wondering why their bottles don’t come back.

— Steve

  1. Reposted from Block Brothers Brewing, where my brother has yet to contribute anything. 

Posted on 14 May 2012