Daily Mix - 2022-10-12

In addition to actual mix tapes, I like to set a minidisc to record and start a Roon Radio automated mix from a key track. I record over optical while working or doing something else. Sometimes they aren’t very interesting, but sometimes they go in unexpected directions. For more, see my list of all daily mix playlists.

Key Track: Husky Rescue - My Home Ghost

Image of a 74 minute pink TDK Lucir minidisc

I love this track and the album it’s on and thought I’d take a go at a mix based on it. But the first pass at recording landed me square in the middle of a recommendation engine failure. I had a full 74 minute minidisc of the same four artists in a loop, which doesn’t really fit with the goal of these recordings. I kept one track from each artist in that loop and then let the source keep going for a while until it finally started giving a little more variety. The end result is a pleasing mix, though as I’m finding with many of these the software choosing tracks doesn’t really understand music deeply.

This was also a reminder that minidisc titling for tracks not using English or Japanese language can be a challenge. I ended up putting some ropey transliteration of Icelandic on the disc, but show the correct titles below.

Highlights: You Know What I Mean, Remember Me?, Sunlight

Track List:

  1. My Home Ghost - Husky Rescue (03:09)
  2. You Know What I Mean - Cults (02:31)
  3. At War With the Sun - The Big Pink (04:11)
  4. Sun Went Black - Springtime Carnivore (03:38)
  5. XXX 88 - MØ & Diplo (03:43)
  6. First Call - Husky Rescue (00:55)
  7. No Logic - White Hinterland (03:41)
  8. Get in Line - I’m From Barcelona (03:08)
  9. So Sweet - Nurses (04:43)
  10. Wish I Knew - Ivan & Alyosha (03:37)
  11. Finn bikkjen! - Casiokids (05:19)
  12. Remember Me? - Saltillo (03:27)
  13. Once We Walked in the Sunlight - Papercuts (05:09)
  14. Hide Me - The Golden Filter (03:51)
  15. Breaking Up - Woodhands (03:31)
  16. Sunlight - Kyte (06:01)
  17. Á ferð til Breiðafjarðar vorið 1922 - Sigur Rós & Steindór Andersen (06:01)
  18. Loksins Erum Við Engin - múm (03:12)
  19. Until the Last - The Album Leaf (04:16)

Recorded On: Pink 74 minute TDK Lucir minidisc


Posted on 12 October 2022