Daily Mix - 2022-09-20

In addition to actual mix tapes, I like to set a minidisc to record and start a Roon Radio automated mix from a key track. I record over optical while working or doing something else. Sometimes they aren’t very interesting, but sometimes they go in unexpected directions. For more, see my list of all daily mix playlists.

Key Track: Mogwai - Ceiling Granny

Image of a transparent Sony Basic 80 MiniDisc

This list is keyed off the best song from As the Love Continues, itself my favorite Mogwai release in years. From the noisy distorted guitars of Ceiling Granny it dives into other post-rock like Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Sigur Rós. This one tried several times to launch into 20-40 minute tracks which really weren’t appropriate for a mix, so I skipped those and cleaned up the breaks later. Some of the stuff on this is pretty weird, particularly Military Alphabet, Science Fair, and Another Clockwork Day.

Highlights: Ceiling Granny, Starálfur, Slowmo

Track List:

  1. Ceiling Granny - Mogwai (03:59)
  2. Military Alphabet (five eyes all blind) [4521.0kHz 6730.0kHz 4109.09kHz] - Godspeed You! Black Emperor (04:35)
  3. Party in the Dark - Mogwai (04:04)
  4. Science Fair - Black Country, New Road (06:20)
  5. I Can Wait - Low (04:02)
  6. Starálfur - Sigur Rós (06:49)
  7. Unsmart Lady - Dry Cleaning (03:03)
  8. Flying - Explosions in the Sky (03:03)
  9. Rooftop - This Will Destroy You (05:51)
  10. Televised Mind - Fontaines D.C. (04:12)
  11. Burial - God is an Astronaut (06:03)
  12. Chondromalacia Patella - black midi (04:49)
  13. Another Clockwork Day - Arab Strap (03:29)
  14. Slowmo - Slowdive (06:55)
  15. Remurdered - Mogwai (06:25)

Recorded on: Transparent Sony Basic 80


Posted on 20 September 2022