Ben on Gameface

The following is archived for posterity from an email Ben sent us today.

nono you guys have this all wrong. =( is for unhappy/sad.

=| is gameface. which over the years has developed several different meanings that depend on context. but it is typically used for backhanded insults, dry sarcasm, intentionally ambiguous statements, obvious understatements, and to designate shame/apprehension or obvious bait.

for example:

‘ben, you are a really fast runner. keeps you away from the girls =|‘ (backhanded insult)

‘ross you suck =|‘ (dry sarcasm-ish)

‘goalie seems important =\‘ (understatement)

‘i have not biked to work since i bought the new car =\‘ (shame)

‘mitt romney is not all that much different from obama =|‘ (bait)

can’t think of a good one for ambiguity, but it usually was a form of bait bitd.

Posted on 23 February 2012