A collection of old photos

I’m an avid amateur photographer. I held out against digital photography for a long time after it was obvious to everyone else that it was the future. And although I long since gave in to the inevitable1, I took thousands of photographs on film over the years.

The Man

Many were shared, in one form or another. Some I printed in the darkroom at Iowa State. Some I printed at home. Others were scanned and uploaded to the internet. For a while I was diligent about creating online photo galleries for each roll I developed.

Central Park, Autumn

A few weeks ago I bought a new domain name, retrofocus.co. I wasn’t sure why, but it sounded good. A day later I had the idea to share some of my old photographs.

The Rhine

I have nearly 300 pictures selected and ready to publish, and I’m planning to publish one every day or two. I have more film that was never scanned, and I should be able to keep this up for a year or more.

Give it a look.

— Steve

  1. I can certainly get high quality photographs more easily and more consistently with my digital SLR, and I can make good prints. But some ineffable magic is missing. I can’t explain it. 

Posted on 29 July 2012