Brew day — ESB 2014

My latest beer is an ESB. It’s a slight modification of the recipe I used in 2012. I increased the recipe size for 5.5 gallons of finished beer, which means nearly 6 gallons in the fermenter. I figure why not, since I’m using slightly larger fermenters. I also simplified the recipe a bit. I removed the Munich malt and switched to a slightly darker English crystal malt. I also switched the hops around. I went with Willamette hops for bittering and East Kent Goldings for aroma and flavor, reduced the boil time, and got rid of the first wort hops.

Brewing went very well. Good efficiency, good temperatures, and no surprises.

Recipe (70 minute boil):






Measurement Expected Actual Reference
Efficiency 75% 75% N/A
OG 1.054 1.054 1.048 – 1.060
FG 1.014 TBD 1.010 – 1.016
ABV 5.3% TBD 4.6% – 6.2%
IBUs 39 TBD 30 – 50
Color (SRM) 10 Amber 6 – 18

— Steve

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